Sunday, March 29, 2009


So.. I've been so busy settling in to uni and city life.. I've sort of forgotten to.. do my assignments.

Good News is, I've got a job, and another trial on Tuesday. Bad news is I have review on Monday and 2 research papers due Friday.

Now review is where all the artsy students get together with a panel of judges/teachers and our work, and they tell us where we are succeeding and what needs to be worked on before assessment, in a weeks time.

Here's the problem.. I started one piece of work, it failed, and I haven't found anything else to work with. We need to have 6 completed peices of work.....

Basically, I'm fucked.

The project is meant to be based around/drawn from a certain area in this city, which is sort of where the nightlife is, the subcultures, countercultures and "foreign" cultres flourish, and yet it's directly opposite the City itself, so there is an influx of business/corporation. Oh, it's also where the cities art galleries, library and performative arts centres are.

I'm new to the city, I've had fuck-all to do with this suburb. The only thing I find interesting is the multiplicty of cultures and the different patterns I've found in the area.. now HOW do I make that into another 5 pieces of work!?!

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Anonymous said...

You can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish, but it requires you to stop complaining about the irrelevancies.

Just imagine all of the time spent complaining or blogging about complaints; take that time and channel it into something positive.

Or you can complain. Either way, the choice is yours.

Were those "full sentences" enough for you? :)