Friday, November 28, 2008


Anyway to steer away from my previous topic for just a little while (don't worry that story is nowhere near done)...I think cohabitation of human beings is unnatural unless in familial or romantic relationships. Forcing two people of different backgrounds together is tricky business. My housemate in Sydney was a young gay guy, my age. It could've worked out fine, I'd known him most of my life. But sadly, it mostly definitely went downhill fast. Tempers and wills clashed. The psycho sleeping on our couch for three months didn't help. But thats a story for another time [Psycho was straight, housemate was in love with him. It was some kind of fucked up soap opera].

Anyway my point is, I'm looking for a housemate in the city, I'm very VERY cautious after my last experience. I have two possibilities right now.
One is very relaxed to the point I just want to wheedle out answers as to whether this is a serious viable option. He's an old school friend who's just moved in with his girlfriend. I can't say I know either of them well but our interests are similar and we're all pretty easy going. This friend is... somewhat of a modified hipster indy emo guy. I'm not sure about living with a couple, and Indy Emo insists we all get to know each other a little bit first. It's all very "lets see what happens".
The 2nd possibility I found out about through my sister in law's sister. Now (concentrate here, folks) my sister in law's sister's friend, lets call her Satin, is looking for a new lease and is desperate for a housemate. Problem? Well, she lives more than an hour out of the city. But its a sure thing. Also she emailed me today asking for all my detail so she could apply for the lease of properties! Full on stuff!

I talked to Indy Emo about it all and he made me laugh when he noticed the two different ways I could go here.
"On one hand, I'm very 'let's just all hang out and get a feel for the vibes and group dynamic, and see how we all feel, whether we're all relaxxxxeeddd once things mellow'. And on the other hand you have someone who needs a housemate, 'FILL OUT LEASE APPLICATION KTHXBYE' ".

Haha, long story short, I'm wondering whether its best to live WITH someone, or just merely in the same house. At least in this situation. Any advise?

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ReRe said...

just live in the same house. i'm with you, only live WITH someone if you are family or romantically linked. i lived with my two best friends in college. for 2 years it was great, but the last year was kind of rough, partly because i felt like they would get jealous if i went outside "the circle" and hung with other people. it was odd