Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I can feel M's breath against my neck, his lips hovering over my skin. He doesn't make eye contact, he holds his weight above my body, lingering for a moment, waiting for my reaction. I answer his prompting with my hands, sliding them up his sides and over his back. Urged on by my touch, M lowers his body atop of mine. I feel his weight against me and the warmth of his face for just a moment before his lips descend toward me.

M's kisses are hungry and taste faintly sweet amongst the mingle of that 'manly' taste. I trace my tongue along his bottom lip, sliding my hands underneath his shirt and up his back. I shiver as I feel him. Hard. Pressing into me. Between my legs. As I wrap them around his.

His lips trail off toward my ear, nibbling my earlobe and down my neck.His hand cups my breast, I have a fleeting thought of insecurity at their size but M's lips and tongue feel hot on my skin and I whimper softly. I move one of my hands out of his shirt and tangle my fingers in his hair as his kisses drift lower, across my collar bone and down the middle off my chest. His hands move to unbutton my blouse, and he pulls the top of my strapless dress down a little, kissing across my chest and the top of my breasts. I urge him on with my hands, dragging my fingernails softly down his back as I breathe an almost inaudible moan. M's hands are on me again, eager, pulling my dress down to my waist, pushing my bra aside. His tongue slides down between my breasts. I gasp as he blows cool air across my skin and follows it up with his warm tongue sliding side to side, teasing each nipple in turn. They harden in the cool air. He traces his tongue around my left nipple, a light, barely there touch. The subtlety of the contact is immediately contrasted by the feel of his wet, hot lips wrapping around it, pulling back gently.

M knows I can almost climax from this, the heat and pressure of his tongue and lips on my sensitive nipples. Kissing each nipple and then sucking it softly, he looks up at me. I watch his movements, moaning with each touch and flick of his tongue. M suddenly stops, I gasp in protest.
M smiles a devious, intensely sexual smile. I like it a lot. His hand slides up my inner thigh, caressing me so closely but not quite. His fingertips trace around, up and down the crease of each thigh, I wriggle my hips. I want him to touch me. M knows it. He keeps his face so close to mine I can feel his breath. He kisses the hotspot underneath my ear, and then the base of my neck on the other side. He slides his tongue down. Again so close but not quite, it drives my crazy.

"You're a naughty girl", he teases me. He knows I've always been very well behaved, but probably not by choice. I laugh, the atmosphere is unusual. It's so sexually charged, but so comfortable its almost...friendly.

M looks back up at me. "Have you been thinking about.. me kissing you?".
On the phone I told M I'd never really been gone down on properly. He told me he'd love to 'give me kisses'. M is one of those very very lovely men who actually enjoys the feel and taste of a woman on his lips and tongue.

I nod and tell him that I always think about it whenever I need something to turn me on and get me hot. He kisses down my chest, pushing my dress down further. As his teasing fingertips finally move between my legs, he says "You want me to give you kisses?". Its not a question. His tone is teasing, he knows I want it, he wants to hear me say it. He pulls away from me, his hand sliding up to pinch and tease my nipple. In a breathy moan, all I manage is a shy "Mmmyes..."

M's lips move lower and lower and his hands slip underneath my dress, he squeezes my thighs before pulling on the top of my tights, quickly pushing them down my legs and away. He leaves a trail of kisses on my inner thigh starting near my knee, I visibly shudder. He gets closer and closer, and I feel his warm tongue sliding across my skin.

His voice is low, still teasing but somehow the heat in his voice makes it sound more demanding. "Can I give you kisses baby, is that what you want?".
As M's lips brush over my underwear, my breath catches and I moan, almost whimper

" I want to feel it. Ohhhh, pleaaassse."


Ah well there you go. One of the main points of the M story - a first time of sorts. There will be more as I can be bothered updating but for now, I'm bored of M. (This may or may not have something to do with not being in contact in the last month or so, after keeping some kind of connection for over a year since the above events).

But anyway, long story short on that one - I think it was 4 maybe 5 times that night and once in the morning. 4/5 times for him and 7/8 nearly-there-not-quite-just-kinda's for me. However it was still very good and he was the only guy to even get me close that much. Actually I think I came while on top at some stage. Anyway. There was much fun had that night.

Getting off (pun not intended) that topic - I'm kind of swinging between so positive about things and crashing completely. Sort of like "It'll be fine, something will work out, something will come up" to "My plans are fucked I will never get back to uni, I will never get my life on track, I will die alone or the unsatisfied wife of a bogan with a v8 sedan".

Not that I don't love me a V8 sedan, but there is much to see and do out there before resigning one's self to certain options. I wanna be a little fish in a big pond for a while. Golly I love that metaphor don't I.

On the upside -
I've started drawing again. I will be posting things as they become satisfactory.
I've decided to sharehouse next year, might stay with Satin for a few months while I get things organized.
I've gotten back into the swing of intelligent conversation thanks to debates about the judicial system and censorship laws in Australia (a looong post for another time).
My delightful nephew, my little Mustard, turned 1 this week.

On the downside -
Can't get driving lessons until after New Year.
Male parental unit will be in town for a month over Xmas.. domestics will ensue.
The only interview I had this week for a job had over 80 applicants, and theres not much else going. Funds situation is dire. Looks like I'm biting the bullet and becoming a waitress again.

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