Thursday, May 7, 2009

Todays Thought.

In an effort toward blogging more regularly, I'm going to try make entries brief and succinct.

Today, I'm working on my studio project, which has me thinking about what I mentioned in my last blog; the ways in which people construct their own identity.

So far from what I've learned, going through this whole process of getting referred to a clinical psychologist, there's a affective connection between thought, feeling and action/event. So basically, if something happens to you, the way you THINK about it, will affect the way you feel about it. But also, if you feel a certain way it will affect the way you think, and what you DO because of those thoughts.

So anyway, point of the story, I wonder whether the identity people create for themselves, these little superficial embellishments and put-on behaviours, are any less "real".
And if you can really affect the way you feel and behave through what you THINK, does that mean that all your thoughts can be determined by what you think you SHOULD think (in terms of denying negative thoughts in favour of healthy thought patterns, even if you've learnt to have a negative view on certain things through experience or different values)? Wouldn't that mean that you don't really have a true sense of self because if you can change how you think and how you feel and how you act, and its all meant to be a healthy way of going about life, aren't you really just changing your whole persona?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So, Big Suprise.

That last one did a number on me. I mean, that kid fucked me up.'ll pass, they always do. This one just makes it difficult because he insists on hanging around. After relying on him so much I can't quite muster the heart to tell him to go jump. But we will see. I refuse to think anymore about it today.

Basically, a bit of an all time low happening. I'm so inundated with uni work and actual paying work that writing is taking a backseat for now. But I'll get back into it soon... After losing the plot a little over the past few months.. I have my first appointment with a psych tommorrow, I'm hoping to avoid medication, and I think that should be a successful mission and life will hopefully return to normal.

Anyway, I'm working on some pretty interesting stuff in my studio class at the moment, stemming from that project around that nightlife/cultural suburb project. Here's the outline for my semesters work.

My work for this semester deals with the idea of “Constructed Identity” and how this functions as a mask or armour. Constructed Identity is the behaviours, attitudes and appearances that a person “tries on” in order to protect themself, and make themself more appealing or interesting to other people; it is a way of beautifying and enhancing their everyday character. As such, Constructed Identity can be seen as armour, or a mask. Youth Culture especially utilizes this superficiality in their social engagements, through embellishing and exaggerating their character.

This includes but is not limited to
• Makeup and fashion/style.
• Expressions of aggression to illustrate a sense of strength and righteousness, superiority.
• Expressions of sexuality to illustrate a sense of desirability and worth.
• Engaging in “mob mentality” behaviour, such as reckless sexual decision-making, substance use, or on the tamer end, clubbing or participating in a “scene”.
• Social Networking – Online.