Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So.. Life has changed up a gear but the blog stalled. Oops.

Quick update.. I've moved into an apartment of my own with an old school friend and -wait for it, my boyfriend. Amazing I know. And things are.. steady. Its hard to be happy when you're used to the slightest up turn being followed by disappointment. But things are honestly going really well. I don't think anyone has ever cared about me this much, and I've never been more comfortable in my own space except for in my family home. I bought a new car, and i KILLED IT at uni last semester. I'm very exciting about this year, being the last of my arts degree. 4 years down!

Anyway, so I was just going about my business the other day and decided to check this blog out (have been less dependant on internet socializing since the move and the relationship). I have 11000 hits? What in the world... itseems a little out of proportion. Anyway, if anyone out there is reading, what got you here and what shall I continue writing on?

I think I have a major case of writers block because nothing of interest or value is coming to me. I'll keep my mind open and get back to you.

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