Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finally Updating Again.

Oops, I kinda disappeared.

A lot has been happening here, it's been a bit frantic but it looks like things are getting on track. I am 18 hours of practise away from getting my license. I got into my first preference university. I am moving to the city next Wednesday.

I am completely and utterly terrifed. I'm getting back to independence. I don't really feel like I'm working toward anything, but things are happening, its nice.

For the last 2 months I've been waitressing, I've now got a couple of grand in savings, as well as the car I bought. I'm almost on my feet. It's a good feeling. Except that I have no job where I'm going, and no permanent place to live. Thats a bit of a worry, but we will see.

In other news, I haven't been laid in 4 months. By choice.

It's sort of spirit building and soul destroying at the same time. I'm trying to establish myself as a higher value person. If supply exceeds demand then things get a little cheapened, I guess. I wanna be happy with what I'm doing. I don't want to be ashamed of myself when it comes to someone I care about in the future. But I will continue doing what makes me happy and satisfied. Right now... God I need sex.

Hopefully there are many new opportunities and possibilities when I move, a change is what I need.

Right now, I'll have a drink and toast to the fact I'm in the car, keys in the ignition, I'm about to start it up and go somewhere.

And hopefully have sex in the backseat when I get there.

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Sean said...

Hello E-clair. I appreciate the blog follow and will do the same. I have only read this post so far but rather enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more of your works.