Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well as it worked out, he picked her but she didn't pick him. And he still doesn't want me. Pretty much anything I thought was going has just been all in my imagination.

So "friends" it is. "With Benefits", if I want. Ugh. It would basically be all the relationship-y stuff when we're together, minus the title. Plus the option to see other people/look for more viable relationship options. Kinda seems clear I'm not that kinda material to him. Whatever.

I met another guy. He seems sweet, keeps me behaving myself, considering I have no self-control. We'll see what happens I suppose.

Both know about me seeing other people, and are fine with it considering they either want sex or are just taking it slow and it's nothing serious yet.

Sorry for the incredibly self absorbed posts it seems I come up with. I'm just trying to figure out whether something casual "in the mean time" is going to make me happy until something real materializes.


Sean said...
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Sean said...


Not cool! But I think you share this sentiment.

It's one thing if it's just f.w.b (friends with benefits) because maybe he just got out of a long term relationship. But when it's clear that he want's a relationship with someone other than you, and because he can't have that, he just settles with f.w.b. Well it comes across as totally "douchebag-errish" (that's right, I'm rolling with that term).

Don't let yourself be settle material, you deserve to be treated better than that...anyone does! Even if the sex was amazing and you feel like you are getting something out of it, he's receiving substantially more from the deal.

I hope that this other fellow you've met is a bit more sincere in his approach to women.

Have a great week!

Faker said...

I am with Sean on this one...
No guy deserves any sort of sex after what he has or is trying to do..

Benny Bob (Bobbited) said...

E-Claire, Benny Bob of Bobbited here, thank you for the comment, likewise your writing is fantastic, it has that sort of round about dreamy way of going straight to the point, hopefully that made sense (it made sense in my head lol). Mate, I'd be ditching this bloke who's messing you around, make sure you're the one in control, sometimes us blokes need to be shown who's boss lol. Sadly, I'm unable to log into my google account for some unknown reason, so I've started a new blog on www.thoughts.com/BennyBob, would appreciate any advice you can give me lol. Anyway, keep up the good work buddy

Faker said...

true, you will be getting just as much fun. but do you think he deserves it?
Maybe I'm not getting the whole picture but if someone says he doesn't like you in that way yet still wants to have sex with you (if you want). Then he really doesn't deserve any attention from you at all.

Anonymous said...

set your standards really low, so don't complain.